[Mpi-forum] MPI prototype license

Richard Treumann treumann at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 3 15:09:51 CDT 2009

I think the Forum should make it clear that a reference implementation may
not carry a GPL license.

Any GPL like license would greatly restrict the number of people who could
evaluate the implementation

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> On Apr 3, 2009, at 3:04 PM, Supalov, Alexander wrote:
> > Many prototypes are being developed currently for MPI-2.2 and MPI-3.
> > Under what license will they be made available to the community?
> > Certain types of licenses, like GPL, may not be suitable for
> > commercial adoption of the prototype code. BSD-like licenses are
> > normally acceptable. I think we should discuss this matter at the
> > Forum this time. You comments and suggestions are welcome.
> I guess that raises the meta question -- what is the intent?  Is it a
> requirement that the proof-of-concept open source implementations must
> be licensed such that, in practice (not theory) they can be slurped
> into commercial/closed source MPI implementations?  Or is it enough
> that some people implemented it, some [other] people reviewed it, and
> the union of those people have said "yes, this shows what we want it
> to show"?  (and potentially a 3rd set of people who didn't look at the
> proof-of-concept implementation go re-implement it in their MPI
> implementation)
> I thought the intent was to show that the concept was possible and to
> help unearth any "gotchas" in terms of implementation that might not
> be thought of during the design phase.
> But to be clear: OMPI, where I have done all my implementation work
> for MPI 2.2 tickets, is BSD (IANAL, and none of this is legal advice
> -- go read our license yourself) so I don't really care too much.
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