[Mpi-forum] June 30 - July 2nd registration

Richard Graham rlgraham at ornl.gov
Wed May 28 19:07:05 CDT 2008

For those of you that want to have reserve a hotel room out of the meeting
block, we need you to register by Friday, June the 6th to meet the hotel
cutoff date.

If you plan to attend, but don't need a room out of the block, please
register by June the 13th, so that we can get a list of attendees to Sun,
for their visitor processing.

Finally, we will set aside the the time on Monday from 1-4 pm as a time that
"users" can come, hear about our plans, and comment back.  Registration is
NOT required for this, but we do need to get a list of names so that Sun can
process these visitors.  Both LLNL and LBL are advertising this to their
users (and collecting names for this).  If you are aware of someone that
would like to attend, please send me their information (name, employer, and
e-mail address should suffice) so that I can pass it on to Sun.


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