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Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at hlrs.de
Fri Jul 25 10:58:03 CDT 2008

==== Please give a short reply if you want to buy the printed ====
==== hardcover MPI-2.1 at the MPI Forum meeting in Dublin!!   ====
= I need to know the number of books that I must ship to Dublin. =
====      Please reply until Tuesday Jul. 29 directly to      ====
====                 rabenseifner at hlrs.de                     ====

Dear MPI Forum member,

- all the positive votes for MPI-2.1,
- a positive discussion in the MPI Forum steering committee,
- and a positive response from the EuroPVM/MPI'08 organizers,
- the installation of the errata process for MPI-2.1,
   (see http://www.mpi-forum.org/docs/docs.html and
   MPI-2.2 wiki pages)
I decided to support the MPI community with a printed
hardcover MPI-2.1 book (608 pages)
- with offset printing and sewn binding, A5 format, and
- exact content, page and line numbers of the standard.

HLRS will sell these books at cost price (17 Euro).
We are not a publisher. We do not sell the book in book stores.
It is a special service for large HPC centers in Euro countries.

And of course for
- all participants of the MPI Forum meeting in Dublin,
- all participants of EuroPVM/MPI'08 in Dublin.

This book and the electronic counter part are the basis for
all MPI-2.2 and MPI-3.0 discussions.

To get an idea, how many books I should ship to Dublin, I need
to know, when you want to buy one ore more.

Please reply also if you are in the European Community and
you need a large number for your HPC center.
(I need to know it now, because shipping starts Aug. 1.)

Best regards

PS: I (and the MPI Forum steering committee) know well that there
     is still the risk, that MPI-2.1 will never get a standard
     if the MPI Forum votes "NO" at next meeting.
     But I'm optimistic. That's my nature.
PPS: To keep the price so small and to have it ready at EuroPVM/MPI,
      and based on the expectation that MPI-2.2 will come end 2009,
      I decided not to go through a normal publishing process.
      My apologies for any inconvenience in non-Euro countries.
PPPS: I expect that this book will be the first hardcover version
       of MPI. Please give me details, if I'm wrong.

My apologies, if you get this mail several times.
The mpi-forum mail distribution made trouble. (This is my 3rd trial)

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