[Mpi-22] [MPI Forum] #71: Add routine for registering callback when finalize occurs

William Gropp wgropp at [hidden]
Thu Apr 2 15:38:07 CDT 2009

I checked MPICH2, and it doesn't invoke the attribute destroy  
functions in the order required here.  It wouldn't be hard to change,  
but I haven't had a chance to do that.


On Apr 2, 2009, at 3:26 PM, MPI Forum wrote:

> #71: Add routine for registering callback when finalize occurs
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> Reporter:  koziol                    |            Owner:  koziol
>    Type:  Enhancements to standard  |           Status:  assigned
> Priority:  Waiting for reviews       |        Milestone:  2009/04/06  
> Chicago
> Version:  MPI 2.2                   |       Resolution:
> Keywords:                            |   Implementation:  Waiting
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> Comment(by jsquyres):
> Other than missing a changelog, this proposal looks good (read: we  
> need a
> changelog entry ASAP before we can discuss it next week in Chicago!).
> Rajeev -- I think the issue with enforced ordering was inspired by
> potentially using multiple different middleware packages that may  
> not be
> able to coordinate their shutdown callbacks.  E.g., if package A uses
> package B which uses MPI, then you ''need'' to have B's finalize  
> callback
> called before A's.  A and B would be hard-pressed to coordinate this  
> if
> they didn't know about each other.  And so on.
> FWIW, Open MPI does ''not'' invoke COMM_SELF callbacks in any  
> particular
> order -- it'll actually be a little painful to convert to assign an  
> order
> (because we use a hash table to store this stuff).  But it's all just
> bookkeeping -- it's certainly do-able.  So someone needs to do an  
> open-
> source implementation.
> Bill -- did you get a chance to see if MPICH2 destroys COMM_SELF
> attributes in order?
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