[Mpi-22] Call for MPI 2.2 agenda items

Supalov, Alexander alexander.supalov at [hidden]
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May be we add a couple of calls to pass data back and forth between the
client and MPI? Either assertions proposed by Dick Treumann, or more
extensible (MPI_Info based?) approach proposed by Jeff Squyres? That's
admittedly connected to subsets, but this is only an addition, no
backward incompatible change. MPI 2.2?

Best regards.


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Now that MPI 2.1 is close to completion, it is time to look at issues
MPI 2.2. Please send any items you may have for 2.2 to
mpi-22_at_[hidden] and/or upload them to the wiki (and let us
I had made a note of the following items from the last meeting that were
deferred to 2.2:

* support for long long in maxloc, minloc

* fix meaning of first two sentences in intercommunicator barrier

* Ex 5.8 uses old style MPI_UB

* Many functions say "integer" instead of "nonnegative integer"

* const in C++ bindings 

* IN, OUT, and INOUT handle types broken 

* MPI_CHAR, MPI::CHAR should be signed char or char?

* Need 64-bit sizes for count in messages

* Sizes of MPI_Aint and MPI_Offset should not be different

* New predefined types MPI_AINT and MPI_OFFSET

* New predefined types corresponding to new types in C99, Fortran 2003,
C++ some year

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