[Mpi-22] Voting and review process reminders

William Gropp wgropp at [hidden]
Mon Dec 8 15:58:24 CST 2008

Here is a reminder of the process for voting and reviews:

Votes are taken to approve a change or addition.  Votes are taken  
twice at separate meetings; one reason for the two votes is to allow  
time for reflection and for additional issues to be raised.  It is  
acceptable to vote yes on one of the two votes and no on the other.

Reviews of the proposed text are used to ensure that the text is  
consistent with the rest of the document.  Such reviews do not review  
the proposal on its own technical grounds (that should be done by the  
Forum members prior to each vote).  Rather, they look for editing  
errors or inconsistencies with respect to the existing document.  As  
an example of an editing error, when reviewing one proposal that  
included the LaTeX source (which is to be encourage), there was a use  
of \mpi/ where \MPI/ was intended.  As an example of an inconsistency,  
in reviewing ticket 55, I noticed that the proposed change was  
inconsistent with text already in the document.  While it is hoped  
that such inconsistencies would be detected by the Forum members prior  
to the votes, the review process provides an additional check.


William Gropp
Deputy Director for Research
Institute for Advanced Computing Applications and Technologies
Paul and Cynthia Saylor Professor of Computer Science
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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