[Mpi-21] MPI-1.3: Updated drafts for reviewers

Purushotham Bangalore puri at [hidden]
Sun Mar 16 19:18:07 CDT 2008

Here are the corrections that I noticed after the review:

Page ii: missing period after May 5, 1994

Also the PS version of the MPI 1.1 standard has version and date as: Version 1.0: June, 1994 and date as June 12, 1995.

Page 116: Last line must appear on next page 

Page 150: Last line probably needs to start on next page

Page 206: Line 13: Extra space before . due to the deletion


New Errors not noticed before:

Page 79: Line 2: Missing ierr in MPI_COMM_RANK call

Page 79: Line 29: Missing ierr in MPI_COMM_RANK call

Page 80: Line 3: Missing ierr in MPI_COMM_RANK call

Page 80: Line 26: Missing ierr in MPI_COMM_RANK call

Page 91: Line 42: Missing { for if statement

Page 92: Line 2: Missing } for above if statement

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Subject: [Mpi-21] MPI-1.3: Updated drafts for reviewers
Dear Reviewers,
one of the work items marked for completion this week was me delivering the 
updated draft for MPI-1.3, which is going to be used as updated input for 
There are two versions prepared: one which shows the ADDs/DELETEs and 
\CHANGE->\INTO comments (mpi-1.3-draft-2008.03.13-annotated.pdf) and one  
without (mpi-1.3-draft-2008.03.13.pdf).
This document includes all the MPI-1 related items of Ballot3 and the MPI-1 
related items of Ballot4, which do *not* affect semantics of applications or 
Additionally, I have included here the latest manual changelog-file.
Rolf has put the relevant postscripts for printout onto the web-internal space 
and are not included here due to their size ,-]
This all corresponds to SVN-revision 25, which contains the fixes for the 
bookmarks, hyperrefs and meta-information, but does not yet contain a *clean* 
"Annex A" heading title.
Please follow the svn log to see the version history (by now there are 90 
marked changes since MPI-1.1).
If all the MPI-1 reviewers could kindly base their review on this version or 
state the version of the document when sending their review, please?
Any comments would be welcome in order to finalize.
Thank You very much.
With best regards,
Dipl.-Inf. Rainer Keller   http://www.hlrs.de/people/keller
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