[Mpi-21] Review of MPI-2.1 combined document

Rusty Lusk lusk at [hidden]
Sat Mar 8 15:36:40 CST 2008

Here are comments on the front matter, the introduction (Chapter 1),  
and chapters 6 and 9.

- Rusty


The front matter consists almost entirely of the table of contents  
and the acknowledgments.   They look OK to me as they stand..

Chapter 1 starts with 1.1 "Overview and Goals" and then has 1.2  
"Background of MPI-2".    I think section 1.1 should really be (and  
could easily be) broken into two parts, "Overview and Goals", of  
which the first two paragraphs would need to  be rewritten to be  
right for the merged document (they are currently essentially  
timestamped in 1994).   Starting with the third paragraph, this  
should be a section called "Background of MPI-1".    Not much is  
needed to do this, and I would propose keeping as many of the  
original sentences as possible.   I have not done this.   Probably  
Bill Gropp and I should try to do it.

"build" should be "built" on line 11 of page 2

"five types of areas" should be "five areas" in line 48 of page 2

The rest of it looks OK to me, except that lines 25-27 on page 6  
duplicate lines 28-30.

Lines 23-24 on page 6 don't really match what is actually in the  
Table of Contents in the front matter.  I didn't go check the  
contents of the appendices.   But something is not quite right here.

I also read through Chapters 6 and 9 (Topologies and Dynamic), which  
are unchanged in the merge, and they seem fine to me as they stand.

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