[Mpi-21] Review of MPI-2.1 combined document (Chapter 1 Introduction to MPI)

Adam Moody moody20 at [hidden]
Fri Mar 7 19:21:42 CST 2008

Here are some notes on the merged Introduction Chapter.  Once merged, 
this section could use some rewriting, but I'll save those comments for 
later.  Here are some notes on the merge process itself:

MPI-2.1, page 2, lines 1-19:
    Text is marked as blue (indicating from MPI-2.0), but this is from 
MPI-2.1, page 2, lines 28-29:
    Change "Allow convenient C and Fortran 77 bindings for the 
interface." --> "Allow convenient Fortran, C, and C++ bindings for the 
MPI-2.1, page 3, line 18:
    Change "... are in the remaining chapters, ..." --> " ... are in the 
remaining chapters of the MPI-2 document, ..."
MPI-2.1, page 3, line 19:
    Remove "This document specifies Version 2.0 of MPI."
    unnecessary and confusing
MPI-2.1, page 3, line 40:
    Change "... programs in Fortran 77 and C." --> "... programs in 
Fortran, C, and C++."
    this was in the merge plan but missed
MPI-2.1, page 4, lines 12-14:
    Drop: "Although no explicit support for threads is provided, ... 
dynamic spawning of tasks."
    With MPI-2, these items are provided.
MPI-2.1, page 5, lline 30-31:
    Change: "... the semantics of collective operation ..." --> "... the 
semantics of collective communication ..."
    better wording
MPI-2.1, page 6, lines 1-2:
    Reword: "Chapter 9, Process Creation and Management, discuess the 
extensionof MPI to remove the static process model..."
    Perhaps just say: "Chapter9, Process Creation and Management, 
defines routines that allow for creation of processes."
MPI-2.1, page 6, line 23:
    We have Annex C, but there is no mention of A & B.
MPI-2.1, page 6, lines 26-30:
    It looks like the sentence about the MPI Function Index came in from 
both the MPI-1.1 and the MPI-2.0 documents.  Maybe we just want the 
MPI-2.0 version.


Rolf Rabenseifner wrote:

>The first draft of the combined document MPI 1.x plus MPI 2.0
>is ready for review !!!
>All necessary files can be found via
>The files are stored in a restricted directory to prohibit that
>search engines can find the drafts.
>Dear reviewer:
>Please print your chapter with colors (!) and check all merging decisions.
>The colors will help to identify MPI 1.1-1.3 (black), 
>MPI-2.0 (magenta) and new text that was necessary for the merge (red).
>The review should be finished a few days before the March meeting.
>Please post your review results on mpi-21_at_[hidden] as reply to this
>Please note, which chapter you reviewed.
>Please refer with all comments exactly to page and line numbers of
> - MPI 1.1, the official Postscript version
> - MPI 2.0, the official Postscript version
> - MPI 2.1, draft 2008-02-23 from http://www.hlrs.de/mpi/mpi21/
> - and the merging plan 2008-02-23, that you can find at same directory
>If you detect a problem, it is necessary that you try to propose
>a solution in similar notation as used in the merging plan.
>I have finished all except the merging of the MPI-1 C++ bindings
>into the chapters' text, and except of merging the Annexes.
>The Ballots 1-4 are also not included.
>In the moment, you need to review only the "merging". Nothing more.
>If you detect errors in the original standards, then please
>go through normal procedure, i.e., through the MPI 2.1 and MPI 2.2
>And now, thank you very much that you have registered to do a 
>review (if you are on the list below, done in Jan.2008 meeting).
>Good luck.
>Best regards
>Frontmatter: (I've done a new proposal for the abstract, please check)
>         - Rusty Lusk, Bill Gropp
>Chap. 1: Introduction to MPI 
>         - Rusty Lusk, Bill Gropp, Karl Feind, Adam Moody
>Chap. 2: MPI-2 Terms and Conventions 
>         - Tony Skjellum, Bill Gropp, Richard Barrett
>Chap. 3: Point-to-Point Communication (incl. sections from MPI-2 Misc. + 8.9) 
>         - Rich Graham, Jespar Larsson Traeff, George Bosilca,
>           Steve Poole, Kannan Narasimhan, David Solt, B. Gropp, Matt Koop
>Chap. 4: Collective Communication (incl. sections from MPI-2 Ext. Collect.) 
>         - Steven Ericsson-Zenith, Edgar Gabriel, Rajeev Thakur,
>           Bill Gropp, Adam Moody, Georg Bosilca
>Chap. 5: Groups, Context, and Communicators 
>         (incl. sections from MPI-2 Ext.Col. + 8.8)
>         - Steven Ericsson-Zenith, Edgar Gabriel,
>           Bill Gropp, Georg Bosilca, Robert Blackmore
>Chap. 6: Process Topologies 
>         - Rusty Lusk, Bill Gropp, Richard Barrett
>Chap. 7: MPI Environmental Management (incl. sections from MPI-2 Misc.) 
>         - Rich Graham, Jespar Larsson Traeff, George Bosilca,
>           Steve Poole, Kannan Narasimhan, David Solt, B. Gropp
>Chap. 8: Miscellany 
>         - Rich Graham, George Bosilca,
>           Steve Poole, Kannan Narasimhan, B. Gropp
>Chap. 9: Process Creation and Management 
>         - Dries Kimpe, Rusty Lusk, Georg Bosilca, Bill Gropp,
>           Kalem Karian
>Chap. 10: One-Sided Communication 
>          - Ericsson-Zenith, Jespar Larsson Traeff, Martin Schulz,
>            Bill Gropp, Darius Buntinas
>Chap. 11: External Interfaces 
>          - Bronis de Supinski, Bill Gropp
>Chap. 12: I/O 
>          - Rajeev Thakur, Joachim Worringen, Bill Gropp
>Chap. 13: Language Bindings 
>          - Jeff Squyres, Steve Poole, Purushotham Bangalore,
>            Bill Gropp, Erez Haba, Alexander Supalov
>Chap. 14: Profiling Interface 
>          - Bronis de Supinski, Bill Gropp, Jeff Brown
>Bibliography: (is done automatically)
>          - Rusty Lusk, Bill Gropp
>Annex A:  (this chapter is not yet done - therefore no review for this)
>          - Jeff Squyres, Steve Poole, Purushotham Bangalore,
>            Bill Gropp, Alexander Supalov
>Index: (is done automatically)
>          - Rusty Lusk, Bill Gropp
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