[Mpi-21] Implementation of MPI-2.1

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Hi everybody,

I'm going to miss this meeting, so let me use this reply as a chance to
express my opinion ahead of the vote:

- We need to produce official versions of the MPI-1.3 and MPI-2.1
documents with change mark-up, either in change bars or in color coding.
At the moment, as far as I understand, only the official documents are
going to be published, and they won't have clear indication, apart from
the MPI-2.1 change log, of what was actually changed in the text. Many
standard bodies I know routinely publish marked-up versions of their new
documents to facilitate smooth transition. If we don't follow this
practice, we risk implementors overlooking some small but important
changes, and then claiming MPI-1.3 and MPI-2.1 compliance by mistake.

- The desire to have only Forum members edit the standards is a good
one, but it may not be practical. In the particular case of the language
binding Annex, we'd not be able to complete the massive chances on time
without delegating this to someone else. This would make the standard
process slip, which was considered a bigger risk at the time. What is
necessary here is rather more careful supervision and review of the
results, which I think we should take into account going forward.

- If there are any material changes needed to Intel MPI implementation
to make it MPI-1.3 and MPI-2.1 compliant, we'll target 2009. If we can
claim MPI-1.3 and MPI-2.1 compliance in the current code without
noticeable changes, either to the code or to the current draft during
the pending voting, we may decide to go for this year's fall release.

Best regards.


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Dear MPI-implementor,

if you are not yet on the list at slide 8 in

or if you are on the list and you have not yet given an
estimate when your MPI-2.1 implemenatation will be available,
then please give us this estimate at June meeting in San Francisco
(or with a short reply to this list before the meeting).

Thanks and best regards

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