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IBM long ago chose the real-politic approach of supporting both
interpretations.  By default we restrict INFO objects to key:value pairs
that mean something to our functions that take INFO arguments and quietly
discard key:value pairs we do not recognize.  As far as I know this has not
been a problem for anyone writing portable MPI applications.

I can see that hint filtering would restrict someone who wants to use an
INFO  for layered libraries. For that reason, any user who wishes to use an
INFO object as a general purpose cache for key:value pairs that mean
nothing to our MPI implementation can set an environment variable or
command line option (MP_HINTS_FILTERED/-hints_filtered = no) and get the
behavior Linda was expecting.

I do have any problem with clarifying the standard to say that an MPI_Info
object should be prepared to manage unrecognized key:value string pairs.  I
suggest changing:

If a function does not recognize a key, it will ignore it, unless otherwise
specified. If an implementation recognizes a key but does not recognize the
format of the corresponding value, the result is undefined.


An info object is a cache for arbitrary ( key, value) pairs. Each MPI
function which takes hints in the form of an MPI_Info must be prepared to
ignore any  key it does not recognize.

I think this approach implies that any statements about what happens when a
recognized key has a garbage value belong with the function that recognizes
the key.  By insulating the info description from the descriptions of
particular MPI functions that take MPI_Info hints, we leave people the
option of using info objects as hints for third party libraries that work
with MPI but are not part of the MPI API.


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mpi-21-bounces_at_[hidden] wrote on 01/30/2008 12:33:34 PM:

> This is a proposal for MPI 2.1, Ballot 4.
> I'm asking especially
>   Linda Stanberry, Bill Gropp, rajeev Thakur, Dick Treumann, Raja Daoud,
> the participants of the email-discussion in 1999, to review this
> This is a follow up to:
>   What info keys can be set?
>   in http://www.cs.uiuc.edu/homes/wgropp/projects/parallel/MPI/mpi-
> errata/index.html
> with mail discussion in
>   http://www.cs.uiuc.edu/homes/wgropp/projects/parallel/MPI/mpi-
> errata/discuss/infoset/
> ___________________________________
> Background:
> The sentence MPI 2.0, Sect. 4.10 Info Objects, page 43, line 38
>   "If a function does not recognize a key, it will ignore it,
>    unless otherwise specified."
> was interpreted in two different ways:
> 1. This sentence is only valid in the routines in other chapters
>    (e.g. processs creation and management, one-sided communication,
>    parallel file I/O) where infos may be used to specify portable
>    and implementation defined hints.
> 2. This interpretation is also valid for MPI_INFO_DELETE, MPI_INFO_SET,
> The following proposal ist based on Option 1.
> Option 2 is rejected due to the reason shown after the proposal.
> ___________________________________
> Proposal:
> MPI 2.0, Sect. 4.10 Info Objects, page 43, line 38 read:
>    If a function does not recognize a key,
>    it will ignore it, unless otherwise specified.
> but should read:
>    If a function in another section of the MPI standard
>    does not recognize a key,
>    it will ignore it, unless otherwise specified.
>    The routines in this section.
>    The functions in this section must not ignore any (key,value) pair.
> Add after MPI 2.0, Sect. 4.10 Info Objects, page 44, line 22 a new
> paragraph:
>    Advice to implementors.
>    For optimization, an MPI implementation may already sort out
>    which (key,value) pair can be recognized for use in other chapters
>    (e.g., in processs creation and management, one-sided communication,
>    parallel file I/O) to guarantee a fast access to the appropriate
>    information when used in routines of those chapters.
>    MPI_INFO_GET_VALUELEN, and MPI_INFO_GET, the implementation
>    must still keep also all other (key,value) pairs that cannot be
>    recognized by that MPI implementation.
>    (End of advice to implementors.)
> ________________________________
> Rationale for this clarification:
>    The first of the two interpretation options mentioned in the
>    background information is the only valid interpretation
>    when we assume, that layered implementation of parts of
>    the MPI-2 standard should be possible.
>    This was a goal of the MPI-2 Forum and the MPI-2.0 specification.
> ___________________________________
> Comment:
> In the discussion (see the mails from 1999)
> one can clearly see, that an implementation of option 2 (done by IBM)
> cannot coexist with a layered implementation of MPI parallel
> file I/O, because MPI parallel file I/O routine need a different
> implementation of the INFO routines. Other chapters of MPI (e.g. 1-sided)
> need the original INF implementation.
> Two different INFO implementations cannot coexist in the same MPI
> We could see the ouutcome of such problems with MPI_Wait & co.
> as long as a generalized request concept was not available.
> ROMIO had to define non-standard MPIO_Wait & co. routines.
> And they persist for a long time!
> Without the clarification above, we have the same problem with the
> INFO handling.
> Best regards
> Rolf
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