[mpi-21] Ballot 4 - all proposal now on the web

Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at [hidden]
Thu Feb 7 09:42:06 CST 2008

Hi all interested in MPI 2.1!

all proposals are now on the Web:

Please, check whether I've done something wrong.

Although I've written the details of some of these proposals,
I try to be the moderator of the discussion.
In some cases, when I saw that several options are possible,
and none of these seemed to me technically obvious or perfect,
I've put all these options on the web page to allow that the
MPI Forum can make those decisions at the March meeting.

Please check, whether I've done something wrong or whether
I have to add an additional alternative proposal
(in this case, please write the proposal with all necessary
details (as text) that I can make a cut&paste to the web page 
plus additional HTML formatting).

Please check for the RED flag Ballot 4 topics 
and help that the missing proposals are written.

Best regards

Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner . . . . . . . . . .. email rabenseifner_at_[hidden]
High Performance Computing Center (HLRS) . phone ++49(0)711/685-65530
University of Stuttgart . . . . . . . . .. fax ++49(0)711 / 685-65832
Head of Dpmt Parallel Computing . . . www.hlrs.de/people/rabenseifner
Nobelstr. 19, D-70550 Stuttgart, Germany . (Office: Allmandring 30)

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